Join us for an exhilarating journey of self-expression and growth this summer at Twinkle Toes Performing Arts Company! We offer a wide variety of summer programs, including fun themed camps, weekly classes, and intensives for the returning or even budding dancers. Starting this adventure with us opens doors to a vibrant dance community where inclusivity thrives, embracing dancers of all backgrounds and skill levels. Amidst the graceful movements and rhythmic beats, children of all ages will discover the freedom to explore new styles, from classical ballet to lyrical, hip hop, acrobatics, contemporary, and more. Beyond technique, our summer programs foster a family-friendly atmosphere, where camaraderie and support flourish, nurturing each dancer's unique talent and fostering lifelong friendships. It's a summer of artistic exploration, where every step taken is a celebration of creativity, unity, and the joy of dance!

Registration is still open to all students through the registration form below, and payments can be made per the instructions in the policies document. We are available to answer any questions you may have about our summer programs via email through the Contact Us portal or directly at Please beware that our phone lines are very finnicky. Unfortunately, messages left via voicemail are often difficult for us to understand and return properly.

Summer Dance at Twinkle Toes

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